Colon Cancer Screening - 60x cheaper, 4,000x faster.

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Noninvasive AI to Diagnose Colon Cancer

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Taking a test from CounteractIO requires fecal blood count test results and basic information about you. It does not go directly inside the body.


Stool DNA tests (current best noninvasive prescreening tests) cost upwards of $600. CounteractIO tests are $10, but just as accurate.


Stool DNA tests have a sensitivity of 92% and a specificity of 89%. CounteractIO maintains an 89% sensitivity and a 92% specificity while also being 60x cheaper.

It's the 2nd most deadly cancer

An estimated 50,000 people will die from colorectal cancer in the United States alone, according to the National Cancer Institute, yet there is no rapid, accessible, and reliable method of diagnosing colon cancer.

Step 1

Take a gFO blood test or a FIT. It'll tell you whether or not you have blood in your stool in just about five minutes.

Step 2

Fill in the blanks in the CounteractIO app. Do you smoke? Are you diabetic? What's your BMI? Age?

Step 3

Instantaneously receive your prescreening test results.

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Time makes it exponentially harder to treat

With one in three Americans not being up-to-date with their CRC screenings, it poses a significant threat to millions of people over the age of 50 who are at the highest risk of having colon cancer. Source: EDP Biotech.

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