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Our Miniature Manifesto

What do you do?

CounteractIO works to detect colon cancer with a simple blood test and some basic information about you. So far, the only other noninvasive tests to help screen for colon cancer are a blood count test or a stool DNA test. Blood count tests on their own are too general - a positive FOBT result can mean a host of other things besides cancer, including IBS or other conditions. Stool DNA tests are specifically for CRC and are accurate, but are extremely expensive and time-taking. Blood count tests are roughly $15 per test and take 5 minutes to complete, while DNA tests like Cologuard are nearly $650 and take two weeks of lab work. Our test augments FOBTs with powerful artificial intelligence algorithms that calculate your predisposition to CRC such that a unique test just for CRC is created. In the end, your screening will be 60x cheaper, up to 4,000x faster, and just as accurate.

Who are you?

After having family being directly affected by the current problems associated with colon cancer diagnosis, we were inspired to make a difference. Armed with our knowledge of computer science and machine learning, we decided to do something to address this problem. We are students at Northeastern, UC Berkeley, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania united with the desire to effect change. We are award-winning biotechnology researchers on the regional, state, and international levels. We are young adults trying to find our way in this world.

How can I help?

We're currently looking for doctors, specifically in gastroenterology and oncology, to help us with our research as we proceed to get the product clinically validated and prove our results. We are also looking for seed funding in order to broaden our horizons and get CounteractIO into the hands of more oncology and gastroenterology hospitals around the nation. Can you help? Get in touch below.

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