The Process

Our patent pending methodology

What We Do

We're trying to optimize noninvasive prescreen methodologies for colon cancer. Currently, the only existing prescreen tests for colorectal cancer count the amount of blood in the stool and make a diagnosis solely based on that metric. The fecal immunochemical test (FIT), the guiac fecal occult blood test (gFOBT), and other such blood count tests approved by the FDA are too generalized and therefore diagnose GI illnesses, but not always colorectal cancer itself.

The Way We Do It

CounteractIO uses ensemble methods to maintain high levels of accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity on a prescreen test for colorectal cancer. The mechanism works through ensemble methods in which the FIT result, age, BMI, presence of diabetes, smoking occurrence, and history of polyps/lesions are inputs. The classification algorithms were selected based on their optimized ability to handle a broad range of inter-related inputs with a high accuracy and equally high, if not higher, sensitivity.

Our results have turned out stunningly well. Here's an ROC Curve:


Specificity: 0.92
Sensitivity: 0.89
Precision: 0.90
AUC: 0.95
F1: 0.88

Current Tests:

Test Description
Fecal Immunochemical Test Sensitivity: 74%
Specificity: 96%
Cost: $15
5 minutes to get results
Too generalized - positive results don't necessarily mean CRC
Stool DNA Test Sensitivity: 92%
Specificity: 89%
Cost: $640
Two weeks to get results
Not for people with a history of lesions/polyps
Virtual CT Scan Sensitivity: 84%
Specificity: 88%
Cost: $400 - not covered by most insurance
CounteractIO Sensitivity: 89%
Specificity: 92%
Cost: $10
No dietary restrictions

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